Casual Dockside Dining

Accessible Via Land Or Boat

Welcome to paradise. Take in the scenery, relax and unwind. The Nauti Mermaid offers a casual atmosphere with a variety of menu items made from only the freshest of ingredients. Executive Chef Christiana Menassa  has taken casual dining to another level by offering some unique twists to some of your everyday favorites. Enjoy fresh seafood, salads, sandwiches, burgers, flat breads and much more!

Christopher Owens

General Manager of Restaurant and Bars

Unique Local Flavors

From Our Hand Selected Menu

Try some of Florida’s favorite flavors like our Fresh Grouper Sandwich, chill out with our Heirloom Tomato Watermelon Salad, savor chefs Short Rib Sliders or share a crispy Flatbread with your friends as you sip on your favorite water-side beverage in paradise. If you prefer a gluten–free or vegetarian option our chef has created something just for you. Plus, you will find deliciously wholesome items and SuperFoodRx creations on all of our menus which are packed with nutrients and energy to help you to stay focused for your day ahead.

Cocktails & Craft Beers

Await You At Our Outdoor Oasis

We’re not just all about the food but the drinks too! The Nauti Mermaid offers a fine selection of wines, specialty cocktails, and local craft beers. Our signature cocktails are updated seasonally which allow your taste buds to adhere to the aromas of the time of year. New and bold specialty craft beers are hand selected and updated frequently to provide you with the best brews of Southwest Florida.